Project Description


AusAID, Ministry of Education Tuvalu, Griffith University

Project Brief

The Tuvalu Australia Education Support Project (TAESP) was a large scale, whole system project with the goal of renewing educational policy, curriculum development and teacher professional development for the Tuvaluan primary schooling sector. I was responsible for the day-to-day management of the project including liaison with the Tuvaluan Ministry of Education staff (including the Secretary of Education, Director of Education and the Curriculum Officer) to oversee the ongoing processes of the project and to provide feedback to the Australian Managing Contractor (Griffith University). I also worked closely with a reference group of teachers to develop the curriculum and resource materials. Tuvalu is considered to be one of the most remote, under-resourced and challenging work environments in the world and working there requires considerable motivation and initiative.


My main areas of responsibility were to support the curriculum development and teacher professional development components of the project by:

  • identifying cross-curriculum and non-formal initiatives to support the project’s components,
  • developing Social Science syllabus documents and support resources,
  • monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the full suite of TAESP syllabuses and resources,
  • developing and purchasing materials to support TAESP syllabuses
  • conducting professional development activities with teachers, and
  • capacity building of Ministry of Education staff.

The Outcomes

The curriculum documents that were developed included:

The supporting curriculum resources that were developed included: