Project Description


Crystal Pearl Finger Limes

Project Brief

Crystal Pearl Finger Limes is a small, family owned fusion-farm in the Moreton region of SE Queensland. The owners are branching into native finger lime growing and wanted a simple, easily maintained, yet professional, website to convey the story of the farm as well as promoting their product. I was initially approached to provide advice regarding low-cost options.


This has been approached as a collaborative website development project whereby costs have been reduced by division of work with the clients taking on a number of management and establishment tasks e.g. organising hosting and domain name set up. They have also contributed the bulk of the content writing and supply of identity art and images. This has been edited and supplemented by me to fit the design elements.

The website uses the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) together with the WP Avada theme which allows for allows for a professional look that can compete with high-end web development. The owners purchased the Avada theme license and I installed it.

I have used minimal number of free WP plugins for back up, SEO and contact forms. In addition the clients specifically requested a translator plugin for the site.

The owners are not especially web or social media savy so the dynamic content aspects have been minimised but with blog posts and social media feeds incorporated to enable the sharing of the news and uses of finger limes.

Alongside the web development itself, I have provided the clients with advice regarding what is necessary legally (privacy policy), design-wise and for SEO purposes.

The Outcomes

The resulting website is simple, six page website that has a professional look with a fresh, clean colour palette reminiscent of the look and flavour of finger limes! The clients have written:

“Thank you so much for your work in setting up our website, now approaching fruition! You have been our wise old owl providing expert advice and pouncing on any mistakes along the way”