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Why geeek grrrl? Well, I’ve always been a little bit geeky since I was a kid. I was enthralled by Star Trek and this fed my fascination with technology. On the other hand, I’ve always been a bit environmental – turning a love of school geography field trips into a BSc Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia (UEA). It would be fair to say that I have taken the UEA motto “Do Different” to heart both personally and professionally, but I firmly believe that it is by drawing on my eclectic interests and professional experiences that I am able to come up with alternative and unique ways of doing things.

Along the way I have picked up specialist qualifications and expertise in Education for Sustainability (EfS) and Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICTE) and this has shaped and guided the “portfolio career” I’ve had! I’ve considerable experience as an educator with extensive expertise in curriculum and policy development, resources and professional development and project management development across the entire educational span of early childhood, primary, secondary and university levels in Australia and overseas. My work as a consultant and volunteer in Tuvalu, Borneo/Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Nepal has given me great insight into working in cross-cultural contexts with a range of international organisations.

It would also be true to say that I’ve worked at all levels of government – for the Queensland State Education Department, Brisbane local government and the Australian Federal Aid Agency – but it is my work in the community sector that has given me an acute understanding of the challenges that not-for-profit groups face doing day-to-day business. These groups have to engage with digital technologies but very often do not have the resources to do so – they run on the smell of an oily rag! The e-thrifting approach means that not-for-profit organisations can get a quality outcome at a reasonable price. In this niche area I have developed fully functional and professional style websites that suit the budget of the organization.

With the geeek grrrl moniker I embrace the ‘E’s – environmental, education, electronic – and I put the Grrr into geeek grrrl with a ferocious drive for excellence!

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Hilary is the consummate IT professional. Hilary’s AAEE Queensland website demonstrates the difference a true professional makes. Her experience and training, combined with her creative eye for detail are demonstrated in our easy to maintain website. Hilary’s generosity in sharing her skills also means this outcome was achieved at a fraction of the cost of other quotes for our association. Thank you

Hilary has amazing capacity to use information technology in highly innovative ways. She is passionate about education as a way to address disadvantage and her understandings and contributions to the underdeveloped world have been significant. While senior education officer at Education Queensland Hilary oversaw the humanities and social sciences areas of the curriculum. Her dedication and ingenuity in her work had a lasting effect on teachers who to this day still utilise resources, strategies, themes and practices that Hilary advanced.

Jenene Rosser, Executive Manager (Australian Curriculum), Independent Schools Queensland.

Hilary is very competent and conscientious about detail. We are very happy with the website she has created for us. It has the clean, fresh look that we wanted, with variety in the set-up of the pages.

Joy Schultz, Owner, Crystal Pearl Finger Limes

The North Shore Community Centre is very fortunate to have in our team Hilary Macleod who we have fondly named our “E-Thrifter” and “Digital Mentor”. Hilary sourced the very best web hosting, design and website tools available to us on our budget and brought our new website to life. We are absolutely thrilled with the result and feel our website ranks amongst some of the best Not For Profit sites in the business.

Shannon Embery, Coordinator, North Shore Community Centre

Hilary is an innovative and resourceful person who coordinated the only peer mentoring project at the University of Queensland. She is dedicated and a committed team leader.

Carol Mwape, Environmental and Social Inclusion Manager at Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience Phase II, Zambia

Changing email address. Easy enough. WRONG. Hours spent battling with my internet service provider were exhausting and confusing, leaving me with no email access and sending me in circles. When no-one else could or would help me, Hilary stepped forward like a Knightess in shining armour and patiently, intelligently unraveled the issues. She didn’t give up until things were resolved, all the time taking me gently with her and thus teaching me things along the way. I gained SO much confidence from Hilary’s process that I was able to fix a technical issue with my iPhone a few days later ALL BY MYSELF. Hilary’s respectful friendly style is a refreshing change to other ‘techs’ who just make you feel stupid.

Helen Spork, Client

Hilary has done a number of guest lectures for students in the Master of Environment (Education for Sustainability) program over the last few years. She is super-prepared and knowledgeable, devises excellent, interactive lectures, and is a very engaging presenter. She can handle any questions postgraduates students pose which reflects her knowledge of the area. Students always rate her as the best guest lecturer of the semester.

Jo-Anne Ferreira, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Southern Cross University

Hilary started the environmental education programme for the Sabah Forestry Department. I was her very new counterpart, so she was my mentor for about year before her assignment ended. She also initiated the Teacher’s Guide to EE book, which the department later published. I am very privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a person who knows a great deal and passionate about EE. I also know that her network of people is truly global.

Bernadette Joeman, Environmental Educator, Sabah Forestry Department, Malaysia.

Having worked with Hilary on two projects that involved ICTs for learning, I’ve found her innovative as well as practical approach to using technologies to support student learning and project team activities effective in achieving results and team collaboration.She is organised, motivated and a good team player.

Deidre Seeto, Learning, design, & educational technology

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